need help with a diet

  1. need help with a diet

    I was wondering if someone out there could help me out. I need to have 220 grams of protien a day but I don't wanna go over too much over 2500 caloriws a day as I am trying to shed some fat as well as build muscle. does anyone have any suggestions on a diet plan that doesn't include fish. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. without fish your asking alot

  3. The only type of fish that I eat is tuna.

  4. i was just running a 280 protein 2900 cal i will clean it up a little should be close
    meal 1 2 egg/3 egg whites 1 whole wheat toast dry
    meal 2 2 oz tuna spinach leafs on 1 whole wheat bannana
    meal 3 natural peanut butter and honey 2 whole wheat
    meal 4 1 apple protein shake
    meal 5 2 oz tuna spinach leafs on 1 whole wheat
    post work out shake
    meal6 5oz chicken breast 1/2 cup brown rice/fat free cheddar geen beans v8 juice.
    bed time low fat yogartand cassein shake

  5. liquid egg whites, lean whole turkey (not deli meat), lean ham (not deli meat), fat free cheese, calorie countdown milk, fat free cottage cheese.

    With those, I can get to 250g protein under 2000 calories and still eating moderate carbs



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