Diabetics CAN NOT gain?

  1. Diabetics CAN NOT gain?

    Just got this pm from some douche....

    As a Type 1 why the H*ll are you taking strong AAS such as SuperDrol?

    There is a reason you cant make gains. A completely healthy guy of your age could gain 20+pounds of muscle in a 4-5 weeks, but you cannot. More important is for you to understand just how bad these harsh AAS's are for a Type 1 like you. They are nasty enough for a totally heathy young person. For you they are death, and most likely a slow tortured death at that.

    Learn about blood spikes post-meals and what they do to you. If you do, and you get that under control, then you can s-l-o-w-l-y gain healthy muscle, and even live a long life without blindness, amputations, and the host of nerve and tendon damage that comes to most Type 1's.

    But, whatever, live fast and die horribly if you chose.


    I cant make gains??? Hrm. I thought I have just kinda platuead. I went from 140 now 205. I believe diabetics make the same gains, as long as my sugars are in check. I am no different than you, besides I have to give myself the insulin rather than my body making it. Doug burns was a diabetic, (won mr.universe). I got blood work done after superdrol, my test was down, it was 220 actually, and my cholesterol was ****ed. But, 12 weeks later, my test is 800! Better than ever, and my choleterol is better than when I started any PH's. I did not make gains with superdrol like I did on H-drol but neither impressed me, deff. not worth it. And a normal person CAN NOT gain 20lbs of muscle in even 12 weeks.


    Can diabetics really NOT gain? I have made great gains, well I did the first year or two of working out. Now Not so much, but had diabetes the whole time.

    Isnt there quite a few famous Diabetic BBers

  2. my workout partner is a type 1 and he gained very well, on cycle or off. the key to diabetes is to maximize your testosterone, much like all other bodybuilders. however, with diabetics, this leads to a much more noticeable regulation of blood sugars, less crashes, less headaches, etc. make absolutely sure you are doing squats (ATG), deadlifts, and are training those two exercises hard, and there's no reason a diabetic can't gain good size.

    after training squats heavy for two weeks, my type 1 workout partner dropped his insulin needs by 30-40%. again, there's no reason that diabetes should stop you from gaining, you just have to be even more dedicated than the other guys.

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