FatTrack GOLD

  1. FatTrack GOLD

    how accurate is it?

    +/- 3,4,5+ % ?
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  2. 3% if done properly; key words are "if done properly."
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. so every time i measure it *may* be off anywhere from 0-3% or greater? or is it a flat rate of +3% every time?

    i.e. jan 15 i measure 12% BF. jan 16 15% BF. jan 17 14% BF ?

    or, assuming my true BF is 12%,

    could i measure out the same inaccurate +3% figure for 3 days in a row i.e. 15%/15%/15% assuming diet doesnt change?

    i can deal with something that will give me +3% every time i measure. but if it changes every time i measure.......that is a problem.

    see what i mean?
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  4. It's +- 3%; it could go either way. It's also flawed because it does not take VAT into consideration.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

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