Mantaining Muscle on Extreme Low Kcal

  1. Mantaining Muscle on Extreme Low Kcal

    I'm in the midst of wrestling season and have been having trouble keeping my weight where it needs to be. I have been consuming 300-1000 calories per day (Pre season i was on a 3000 kcal diet) up until weigh ins and then load about 4000-5000 after i weigh in. So throughout a week i normally have about 3000 calories +5000 after weigh ins. My question is, what macronutrients should i spend my calories on, and what foods specifically? So far i've been pretty balanced, with an emphasis on protein, but would like to know if there is a better way to mantain my current muscle while cutting weight. I have considered ketogenic diet, but i've heard you have very low energy whilst on this diet... I need sufficient energy to get through practice... This is my average diet 5/7 days a week...

    Breakfast - casein protein powder + meal replacement powder w/ water = 260 calories 35g casien 5g whey protein, 2g monounsaturated, .5g poly, 1g saturated, 24g carb

    Snack - 10 almonds = 45 calories 2g protein, 3g mono 1.5g poly .5g sat fat, 5g carbs (2g net carbs)

    Lunch - Pasta w/ pepperoni/broccoli in olive oil, canned peaches or pineapple skim milk = 200 calories 12g protein, 25g carbs, 3g mono, 1g poly, 2g sat.

    Snack - casein protein = 140 calories 30g casein protein 1g sat fat 3g carbs

    Dinner - blueberry/blackberry/strawberry/banana mixed in cup w/ 20 almonds = 300 calories 6g protein, 8g mono 5g poly 2g sat fat, 25g carbs

    In total 945 calories, I start to restrict this diet a bit more when match is within a day or two... Is there any adjustments I should make or additions/subtractions i should do? Keep in mind i don't want to surpass 1000 calories in a day...

  2. What do you weigh? I haven't wrestled or had to "make weight" for anything, but why are you so hung up on 1000 calories. Do you have a problem with practices now, it seems like you are consuming WAY too low. How much weight fluctuations are we talking about? You shouldn't need to drop more than 5 lbs or so a week if you have a match every week. I personally think you need to re-evaluate your diet plan and add more calories.

  3. ahh the anorexic wrestler

    bro its close to impossible to keep muscle mass if you are eating 1k and burning about 1k during practice. choose a different weight class!!

  4. You can try adding bcaa's, like xtend, and you need a ton too cutting like you are, also you can go over 300-1000 cals a day, that is just too low and your body is shedding muscle prior to much fat at that calorie intake, try 1500-1800 with bcaas all through practice

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