Natural Peanut Butter

  1. Natural Peanut Butter

    So...what do you guys recommend as I am trying to add it into my diet to help with my 'snack' meal and getting healthy fats, I've bought this today and think it isn't as healthy as I should be getting [the supermarket had a terribly limited amount and this looked like the best]

    I can't currently post links but the product is by 'Whole Earth Foods' - 'Smooth Natural Peanut Butter'

    Here is the nutrient info:

    Original Smooth Style
    Original Style Smooth Peanut Butter. Its rich and hearty flavour goes equally well in sweet or savoury combinations and itís delicious on wholemeal toast.


    Suitable for Vegetarians
    Suitable for Vegans
    Contains Nuts
    No Added Sugar
    Sustainable palm oil sourced from RSPO member
    INGREDIENTS: Roasted Peanuts (96%), Palm Oil, Sea Salt


    Typical Values Per 100g
    Energy 2466 kJ
    595 kcal
    Protein 24.6g
    Carbohydrates 9.9g
    of which sugars 3.7g
    Fat 50.8g
    of which saturates 9.1g
    Fibre 7.1g
    Sodium 0.4g
    Salt 1.0g

    After doing a bit of reading I found that is has 'palm oil' in it so how bad or 'unnatural' does this make it....


  2. I get the same one from Holland & Barrett. I'm not sure what the palm oil is for either but we are a bit limited peanut butter wise in the UK.

    Palm oil is high in saturated fats, a bit like coconut oil apparently.

    There was a program on TV about palm oil a couple of days ago but I missed most of it. Mostly to do with it's economic importance in the South East Asian places it is produced but what caught my eye was the amount of fertilisers and stuff they used to maximise the crop.

    I'd totally forgotten about the fertiliser bit until I started typing!

    I hope they aren't using DDT pesticides and the likes on it!

  3. as long as the palm oil is not fractionated or hydrogenated it should be fine.

  4. palm oil is ok, they add it so that the peanut oil is less likely to separate out as the palm oil is like coconut oil and solid at most room temps

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Bnatural View Post
    interesting that they added palm oil. They must have had issues in the grinding process. It doesn't alter it much. Hopefully its just peanuts, if they have roasted peanuts, its ****e.
    Prety sure it is roasted peanuts in this one - lame!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Bnatural View Post
    its not that they are "bad" but it ruins the fatty acids that are in the nuts. similar to cooking up veggies, you lose most of the "nutrients" in the veggie
    So do you eat all your veggies raw? Is it really that bad to boil them?


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