Help getting my nutrution on point

  1. Help getting my nutrution on point

    Breakfast- 1cup oatmeal + apple w/ natural peanut butter,1scoop whey/ soy milk

    snack- banana, walnuts/ almonds

    Lunch- Romain/spinich salad w/ olive oil, bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers grapes and an orange

    Prwork out Brown rice w/ beans, lentils, and vegtables, 1 scoop whey shake + some kind of fruit

    Post/ dinner 1 1/2-2 cups oatmeal w/ 2 scoops whey banana and nonfat yogurt

    I'm not vegitarian, but I hardly eat meat, When I do it is fish or chicken, which is why I take the whey. I drink plenty of water 100oz+. I avoid all simple refined sugars and grains. Any tips would be apprciated, I've just recently started eating healthy so don't know all to much.

    I'm 6,1 175 and 17yrs old.

  2. What are your goals?

  3. From what i see i think you need more food protein.. Chicken and fish are good -- I personally like steak, but with beef you get more fat. you are young and still growing so you need fat as well. You should be getting most of your protein from food sources... post your goals and i can give you more information.

  4. You need beef man, lots of it!!! I couldnt live without beef...

  5. Right now I'm trying to lean out, and add a bit of muscle. Not bulking so much as adding strength, aglitity and endurance.

    I've still got a decent amount of fat around the mid section, which I want to cut before summer.

  6. you need your meat bro.. I'd get rid of the oatmeal post workout add in some chicken breast, turkey, salmon, tuna, or BEEF Also add meat for lunch..-- other than that it looks good, are you doing any sports? do you have a good workout routine set?? At your age just eat workout and get plenty of'll get strong

  7. Thanks for the tips, I'm not doing any sports currently, but I do bike and unicycle, right now I'm trying to build up strength as I hit a wall with my physical limitations.

    I've got a work out set up, but it could use some major help, one reason I came on here. Right now I do HIIT every other day,and use the free weights I do have on the rest. I've got a flat bench, curl bar, dunbells and an exersice ball. I live miles and miles away from any town, so no chanse of getting into a real gym. I've been getting info on plyometrics, to make up for the lack of equipment.

  8. One of the best calorie burning workouts I've ever done is Interval Training. Sprint until you are out of breath, then jog until you are breathing normally, then sprint again, do this for a set distance or time, for example, 1 mile or 8 minutes. It will get you working both your fast twitch and slow twitch fibers and will give you an aerobic and anaerobic workout. Also make sure you're stretching after every workout because it will help strengthen your tendons and ligaments making you more flexible and less prone to injury.
    If you're only 17 I'm surprised your school doesnt have a weightroom, but with the weights you've already got you can look up tons of at home lifting exercises.

  9. Get yourself a brown rice cooker, there are budget models available from about $25-$35. Mine cost $130 but it's the Cadillac and has timers and ****. Having it will make it easier to stick to your diet which will keep you from eating out so much - which WILL save you money since brown rice is cheap as all hell.

  10. Pretty good diet, might want to add some casein and meat too it... Fish is good... Maybe add 1 or 2 more small snacks inbetween meals to make sure you have a steady stream of nutrients coming in, a multi vitamin is good too...


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