Advice on cutting ? pasta and brown rice !

  1. Advice on cutting ? pasta and brown rice !

    Hey guys i wanna cut to get really lean... Im quite sensetive to carbs, Was wondering if Brown rice or pasta with not much sauce would be ok ...

    Or is it best to cut out carbs completely.

  2. You gotta figure that out for yourself. Everybody's body is different. Personally I do best on an AD/CKD style diet when I'm cutting...give it a go...trial and error is the only way you will know what works best for you.

  3. whats an ad/ckd diet ??? i think my body is quite bad on the carbs just like potatoe and crisps but just wonderd if whole grain rice would be ok.

  4. Anabolic Diet / Cyclical Ketogenic Diet...The Anabolic Diet isnt exactly a ketogenic diet but they are damn is a huge AD thread somewhere around here with a ton of info...

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