ash arround armpits and inner thighs?

  1. ash arround armpits and inner thighs?

    Sorry guys but I have no idea where else to post this I have done so much research on the web and got nothing. I recently did a halodrol cycle and everything went fine I went on my pct and still everything good and now just recently I have started dexeloping rash-like bumps around my inner thighs and armpit areas that don't normally itch but they do itch when I get home from the gym and out the shower if I get hot water on the areas and now I'm getting some type of marks around my eye area. I can't help but think its an allergy to something but I don't know what. Some people say its allergy to wheat others say yeast and I think it might be my lean xtreme that has something weird in it but idk. I'm kind of worried about it so I want to know if anyone has gone through this.

  2. The only thing that did something similar for me was Formestane - that really brought me out in a rash wherever I applied it.

    Some other thoughts:

    - New washing powder? The areas you mention are where clothes will rub on the skin. I I have seen a friend with something similar and it turned out he had just changed to a new washing powder and developed an allergic reaction.
    - New deodorant?

    Give it a few days and if it hasn't gone then go to the docs and see what he says. I wouldn't imagine it will be anything serious and will just be a case of trying to track down what you are allergic to but chances are the doc would have seen something similar before so may have an idea of the cause.

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