need advice please help me out

  1. need advice please help me out

    my question is pretty mch what is the best stuff for me to use now? some background is i was recently playing college football and i hated so now (few months later) im in the process of being a firefighter and to keep myself active i am now in MMA so my question is what supplements do i need to use now. while in college i used m-drol and with it i took fish oil milk thistle b12 multi vitamin tons of myofusion and superpump 250 and my gains were great. but now i notice there are no more prohormones and i prolly should do the stuff anymore so i would like to have some input because i dont want to be an arrogant young a-hole.... my specs are:

    Age- 20
    height- 6'3"
    weight- 225
    bench- 305
    squat- 535
    power clean-315
    BF%- approx 16% give or take

    Goal is to be around 235 with 6-9% BF

    im going to be a heavy weight for my club so i cant drop below 207. obviously it would be easy for me cause i still have lot of BF to lose my first fight isnt for another 5-6 months so please help tell me the path to take

    thank you, bryce

  2. How about you try not double posting.

  3. im just making sure i have it in the right forum im sry

  4. gain 10 pounds? epi would be my bet. or go natural for 4 months with a good diet. i'm leaning towards option 2, especially given your age.

  5. Theres a few supplements you can take which can help with your results but bottomline is it comes down to diet, im no expert when it comes to diets but your saying you want to gain about 10 pounds of muscle while cutting fat in 5 months thats 2 pounds a month which is easily obtainable, with proper diet and hard training. I dont know whats your best bet someone else can help with diet goals but as far as supplements a few good ones are

    HGHup or GHenerate
    Asteroid stack (prime,Powerfull,Anabolic Pump)
    A few test boosters like testopro or disel tech hardcore would be nice

    But in my idea now this is just me. I would bulk up for about 2-3 months or so maybe 4 gain a good amount of weight get to about 240-245 then cut until your fight to get down to a leaner 235. Im no MMA fighter i really dont know your process as far as diets and what not go maybe you have it under control maybe you dont but thats just what i would do.

  6. thanks guys and yes im on a strict diet and my coach is pushing me to the limit right now im cutting fat my diet is pretty much no milk no white flour foods no red meat no sugar and low carbs and no fried foods... daily i normally take a multi vit milk thistle slim xtreme and then i have 2-3 myofusion protein through out the day and grillled chicken and tuna for meat then a mix of corn celery carrots bananas and a salad with lemon juice for flavor... yeah im getting down to about 210 then i was wanting to get on a good test booster like prime stack or something like bioforge and activate x what is the best stack? i just need input and critisim tell me what to change what to do and take

    when it comes to working out its 6 days a week with cardio everyday and heavy lifting 2 times a week then other 4 days are strength endurance training i do lots of grappling and sparring but if you want indepth work outs i will tell but this is just a overview thanks guys


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