cough medicine have any negative affects?

  1. cough medicine have any negative affects?

    Just curious to know if tylenol cough medicine has any negative affects on a lifter? Only thought of it because I learned ibuprofen was horrible for protein synthesis.

    It contains: acetaminophen
    phenylephrine HCl
    Dextromethorphan HBr
    and Guaifenesin

  2. anybody know?

  3. No, nothing to egregious. The Dextro might cause a slight appetite decrease, but only slight, and tylenol is an NSAID just like Ibuprofen. Also, you say Ibuprofen is horrible for protein synthesis, but it's not that horrible and the average person does not consume that much motrin. I wouldn't use that thought to stay away from it if you really need it. You'd really never notice. Unless of course you are worried more about things like liver hepatoxicity because of "other" stresses on the liver.
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    This article says ibuprofen blunts the protein metabolism and that acetaminophen should not affect it.

  5. I'm not disagreeing at all, just saying that motrin will not blunt all synthesis and the level it does would not be that significant. Don't let hype and paranoia carry you away. Using motrin every now and then when you are hurt, sick, have a fever will not keep a person from getting big. Neither will cough syrup. If I had to categorize it in things to be worried about, I'm not sure what number I would give it, but it would definitely be in the negatives. Also, if I was to give a reason why motrin was counter productive to muscle building I would rather go with it's anti-inflammatory capabilities... well, that and it's pain relieving abilities... our body created inflammation for a reason, to flood injured regions with blood and nutrients to help it repair and motrin could potentially slow that process in some aspects and the pain factor of course referring to continuing on training before the body is really ready because it doesn't hurt too much anymore leading to further injury. However, like I said, I feel all those to actually be quite insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I say, if your sick take the cough syrup, if your hurting and you have motrin, take it. Best of health bro.
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