weight is making me lose my mind...

  1. weight is making me lose my mind...

    Brief history used to be chunky about 4 years ago lost about 30 pounds down to 145, so i was pretty skinny at that time and had a 6 pack

    at the start of september I took the prohormone jacked and gained about 12-13 pounds up to 157-158. Still had same abs (definition wise) at that point but it just looked like they stuck out more. Was eating around 2000-2500 cals per day

    Got off of it and onto a PCT didn't lose a pound while on PCT.

    Got off of PCT at like thanksgiving still at 157-158.

    Now here we sit and i weight in at 167!! and have virtually no abs.

    I can't understand why this is as I work out hard a lot and I've even been cutting cals with no success...

    I eat somewhere between 1500-2000 calories a day for the past month. 4 days a week i'll run for an hour in the morning and lift that night with a 30 minute cool down cardio. The other 2 days I'll lift at night with a 30 minute cool down cardio. With one off day a week.

    A week ago I started an h-drol cycle with ephburn, taurine, cycle support, trib, and fish oil. Since than I went from 165-167?

    It doesn't make sense as I seem to just be gaining weight not muscle.

    Its driving me nuts here is a somewhat breakdown as to what i'm eating a day.

    Wake 8am
    9am eat a southbeach diet bar or oatmeal
    11am banana
    1pm southbeach diet bar or a lean cuisine
    3pm tangerine
    4pm handful of nuts
    6pm dinner- consisting of a mixture of pastas, rice, chicken, and vegetables depending on the night. All home made and using lo cal ingredients
    7pm gym
    9pm whey protein shake mixed with water
    11pm banana and another carb source (a couple cookies/some nuts/sandwich)

    drinking about a gallon of water a day 3-4 diet soda's per week.

    Is there something wrong with me because the way I add it up I run about 30 miles a week and lift for about 6 hours per week...Taking in 2,500 cals shouldn't make me gain weight and 2,000 cals definitely shouldn't make me gain weight

  2. Guess the question I should be asking should I just drop all my supps, whey protein and go back to what I did 4 years ago which was a diet similar to this and just try to keep up my lifting and running to keep my gains while trying to lose weight.

  3. no you can probably change your diet and lose major fat. there is so much high fructose corn syrup HFCS in here: soda, southbeach, cookies...lean cuisine is also dirty garbage. get a diet of good wholefoods and then figure out supps etc

  4. I've eaten some cookies later after coming back from the gym, but that shouldn't kill me as their home made and i'm replacing carbs quickly with the sugar in them...right?

    And 3-4 diet soda's a week not a day is really that bad for me!?

    That's simply what I've been eating since I came back from school for christmas break at school I normally eat:

    10 am Oatmeal, lightnfit yogurt 200 cals
    1pm banana and 3 eggs 250 cals?
    4pm grilled cheese 80 cals for bread 50 cals for 2 low fat slices of cheese
    5pm gym
    7pm protein shake with water 120 cals
    8pm grilled chicken sandwich with same bread and vegetables 400 cals
    11pm lean cuisine and lightnfit yogurt 400 cals

    average out to be 1500 cals

  5. you generally have next to no protein till 1pm? your diet overall is terrible. you'd do better eating 3 decent meals than trying to have 6 tiny crappy ones.

  6. well I mean I wake up at 9am so protein by 1 is a bad thing?

    what advice do you have to make my diet better?

    Its hard to have 6 tiny meals filled with nutrients if your going 200-300 cals per meal...

  7. You need to replace some of those carbs with protein. Also, have you been doing the same cardio routine for 4 years? Your body will get used to a cardio routine fairly quickly if you don't mix it up. Try checking your heart rate during your cardio and make sure it's up where it needs to be. Try some High interval or mess with the incline if your on a treadmill.

  8. Like I said, 3 meals that each were 400-600 calories would be easier to make them meet reasonable macros. You can take in more carbs at your first meal on waking, but think about it - if your last meal with protein in it was 11pm then you've gone 14 hours, more than half the day, without protein. Its definitely not optimal in any way.

    you should try and have better carb choices too. Bread isn't a good choice. oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, whole beans, etc are all better carb choices. Look at the Glycemix index of foods, the lower in general the better. Overall the less processed the better it is for you as well.

    I'd just shoot for 3 good meals, one on waking, one 1-2 hrs preworkout, and one later in the evening and make each of them roughly a 40/40/20 macro split.

  9. Would something like this be more ideal:

    Wake 9am- run
    10am oatmeal, yogurt, protein shake
    1pm 3 eggs, banana
    4pm protein shake
    5pm gym
    7pm chicken breast, brown rice, vegetables
    10-11pm protein shake
    12am bed

  10. Thats a good bit better for sure. i'd possibly switch the banana and oatmeal's positions for the 10 am + 1pm just for quick replenshment after your run, and the potassium right then to help with electrolytes.

    I'd probably also add a small serving of raw unsalted nuts in at either the 4pm or 10-11pm shake.

  11. Ok that makes sense. Any other suggestions?

    As far as my running goes I ran for like a year and a half pretty consistently when I started than I stopped for about a year and was playing basketball. I started again about 6 months ago, but I mix it up quite a bit. Mornings are either LISS or slow with 10 min periods of increased speed. Evenings are usually faster paced runs or HIIT runs.

  12. dont eat flavored yogurt, its got tons of sugar. if you wanna eat yogurt get the plain stuff. also, grilled cheese sucks. unless you put tons of cheese in there then there is basically no protein.

  13. So maybe replace the yogurt with an apple or some carrots?

  14. yogurt in a general way is ok, its just dependent on the details. What is normally sold as unflavored greek yogurt is fine. Most flavored yogurts have a bunch of sugar added. so its more about the ingredients in your choice of yogurt.

  15. Yea i believe off the top of my head the one I have has 11-12g

    I tend to like the texture of yogurt so i'll try some of the sugar free, but if not an apple/carrots a good substitute?

  16. It seems that its mostly waterweight if it covered up your abs quickly.


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