Will unrefined coconut oil help with my acne redness

  1. Will unrefined coconut oil help with my acne redness

    I've heard good things on this forum about using coconut oil to help with acne, but will it help get rid of the redness left by the acne?

  2. I have acne too. I'm one of those unfortunate souls who naturally have it, and it's not the side effect of some PH or T booster. Do you add coconut oil to your diet, or rub it on your face?

  3. 1-2 tblspoons a day should help...The redness generally occurs if you start picking at it,I use coconut oil daily and it's one of the best things I've ever used for my skin. Just do a google search and read up about the all the benefits of Coconut oil

    Banish soap by RPN is great as well.

  4. Applying a mud pack regularly to the acne is a very home remedy for shriveling and then curing the acne, with it the redness of acne will also disappear. Another natural cure is to hold an ice cube on the acne for about 15 to 20 minutes and then apply some milk on it. This is an effective natural treatment for redness of acne. Good luck.

  5. Put some calamine lotion on it overnight. It will pull the fluid out of those red bumps and white heads and it will make your face less red if you wash it off with cold water. It will make your skin a little dry though, so be sure to moisturize.



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