Limited choices-what to eat?

  1. Limited choices-what to eat?

    I a contractor working on a base in Afghanistan and the food here leaves alot to be desired. My goal is to try to lose some belly fat, while building up muscle. Last year I went from 330 to 235, lots of cardio, while working in Qatar but was able to do my own cooking and wasn't limited to base food. Anybody out there have any suggestions as to what foods I should concentrate on without having to stick to tuna? Pretty much everything is either overcooked or covered in sauce. We get 2 different meat dishes for dinner, along with mashed potatoes and rice, soggy veggies and if we're lucky pasta salad, bean salad or cole slaw. breakfast is biscuits, bfast burritos, sausage(turkey), sausage(pork), sausage(patties), bacon, gravy and either a scambled egg producy or boiled eggs.

    For those in the know, i sure miss Iraq dfacs. actually pretty much everything was better.

  2. Foods acceptable while on a cut:

    Tuna or most any fish.
    Cottage cheese.
    Eggs (especially the whites).
    Chicken breast (boneless skinless).
    Turkey breast (boneless skinless).
    Lean beef.
    Low fat or no fat cheese.
    Low fat pork.
    Milk protein isolate.
    Whey protein.
    Soy protein.
    Essentially most any other source of protein so long as it is low in saturated fat and carbohydrates.

    Sweet potatoes.
    Oat meal, oat bran, oat bran cereal (i.e. cheerios).
    Bran cereal.
    Brown rice.
    Wheat bread (try to limit to 2 slices per day).
    Low fat popcorn (low fat butter spray makes this a delicacy).
    Stay away from refined grains and anything that says "enriched" or "high fructose corn syrup" on the label!

    Omega 3 capsules (i.e. fish oil capsules).
    Flax seed oil.
    Primrose oil.
    Borage oil.
    Olive oil.
    Nuts (limit to 1 serving per day), peanut butter (as long as it does not contain hydrogenated oils).
    Egg yolks.
    Fish (salmon especially).

  3. Hey I appreciate the info! We have a number of dining facilities here, but the focus on healthy alternitives is lacking. Subway would be considered healthy. Hey but it looks like we might get a TGIF!! Looks like chicken, tuna, and shakes will be a big part of the diet. Thanks for the list.

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