Lesser of two evils!!

  1. Lesser of two evils!!

    Whilst out for work i often get caught in meetings and onsite..
    My question is.. Do i starve myself.. or eat take away (fast food)
    When eating take away what do you guys prefer as the "healthiest" option...

    Here in oz if i must resort to Mc donalds i go a seared sweet chilli wrap and salad with water..

    Or subway.. double meat (Roast chicken) on wheat breat. lettuce tomato onion green peppers as you americans call em!

    KFC - i stay away from. aswell as burger king..

    i searched and didnt come across this.. maybe my search abilities are not what they used to be!

    I do carry tuna in a can. however at 35+ degrees CELCIUS it doesnt taste too good!

  2. Theres some items at each of those places that isnt really bad for you id really stay away from fried goods which is hard but something that comes to mind at Mcdonalds is the Snack wraps i think they have grilled ones like you mentioned the salad. I still would say Subway is your best bet though.

    For subway there really is no best bread there all in the range of 200-260 calories for 6 inches and most around 20-25 calories from fat i find the 9 grain wheat or hearty italian are good choices. but other then that your choices are fine, just try to stay as clean as possible i mean it also depends on your goals if your bulking you can have some more leway and it doesnt matter as much what you get since you are bulking but if your cutting or recomping then its a different story.

  3. MRP and buy a bottle of cold water voila a healthy meal with LOTS of protein.
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  4. This link has a good list... Don't know if all of these are in Australia or not, but some are.


    And fukc starving. I'd rather have a tasty burger, enjoy myself, be full and happy, then go enjoy myself working it off in the gym later. If I go without eating I'm just miserable and cranky.
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  5. I'd much rather eat something dirty than nothing; follow the 90% rule and you'll be fine (90% of total meals are clean).
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