How do you prepare your steel cut oats?

  1. How do you prepare your steel cut oats?

    I just bought some steel cut oats and am interested in hearing the most tasteful ways of preparing it (without sacrificing much of its healthiness). I'm used to cinnamon instant oatmeal which was amazing but I won't be surprised if this is a little less tasty.

  2. I usually measure 3/4 cup into a bowl and add a little boiling water, let it sit for approx. 2-3 minutes and then add a scoop of vanilla Muscletein by GAT or Intrapro, the choice is yours. Oh...and I usually add a teaspoon of peanut butter - the crunchy kind.

  3. Not sure what the vanilla muscletein is, that almost sounds like a protein powder. Should I avoid adding brown sugar? I could use cinnamon instead I am pretty sure that is healthy, and throw in some natural chunky peanut butter.

  4. i like to mix splenda, a few grams of cinnamon (yes grams), 15 gram of carb from banana, 50g whey and either coconut oil , almonds, almond or peanut butter

  5. I got a good recipe from subweevil..

    Steel cut oats
    pumpkin filling
    evaporated milk
    all spice
    sweetner of your choice

    its not bad, taste a little like pumpkin pie
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  6. How is the consistency of the oats after you add the whey to it? I dont like mine ultra clumpy, but smooth.
    Do you add more liquid to it and then throw in the whey after a couple of minutes of it being poured into your bowl?

  7. cook the oats first. Then mix in the whey, a little natty PB, cinnamon. You shouldnt need any sweetners.

  8. I just made 1/2 cup, using boiled water, cinnamon, and 2 little packets of artificial sweetener and its ok, the sweeteners are what made it edible for me, didn't try the pb yet because it seems like it wouldn't mix well but ill try it eventually.

  9. microwave for 3 mins, add raw local honey and 2 tbs of milled flax seed. im actually about to do this at work, i got my little setup here and everything

  10. I cook steel cut oats in a brown rice cooker using the porridge setting. You just dump in the water and oats push start, and you are done. Seriously, I spend no more than 1-2 minutes both on set-up and clean-up. Mine has a timer so I set it up the night before and it's ready in the morning.

  11. I make a decent sized batch, cook per package instructions and add:
    Chopped walnuts
    Chopped Dates
    Coconut oil
    coconut flakes

    I make enough for about a week and store in the fridge...

  12. hey jaidmaster, that your jeep? looks like a YJ lol... sorry, i got side-tract.

    alright, i personally dont do anything special to my oats. just water, oats, and cook it over the stove according to the directions of the package lol. the only thing i do sometimes to make it flavorful is add about one or two handfuls (i do mean handfuls) of raisins. makes it sweet, natural sugar is added, and reminds me of when i was four years old haha.

  13. Oats and water prepared regular then some honey and blueberries or bannana chopped up mixed in

  14. Being a chocolate lover, I actually love putting cocoa powder in my oatmeal and sweetening it. I started using Sweet Serum for this and its works great because its a liquid and mixes well. And then i started getting creative.. my favorite is taking that chocolate oatmeal and adding cinnamon and ground cloves. I swear it smells like christmas lol. Also, and dont get grossed out, but chocolate/ chili is a great combo (add cayenne pepper to the chocolate oatmeal to give a little heat without a peppery vegetable flavor)


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