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    I'm trying to build lean muscle and recently i've plateaued in the gym. I had cut all dairy from my diet and Im starting to wonder if cutting milk out was a bad idea. Anyone have any advice on milk and bodybuilding? I know its huge for bulking, but im already carrying around about 14% bodyfat

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    I personally see no reason to cut it out of your diet unless it causes you a lot of GI distress, or you're allergic to cow's milk protein. Really good food especially if you can get organic.

  3. 100ml skimmed milk contains 5gr of sugar. So its really sugary... It depends on diet actually...If it's strict to sugar...Yeah cut it out or just have small amounts and include the carb intake from milk to your daily carb intake calculation...SOme researches shows calcium helps fat burning tho... So you can replace milk with cabbage,Rhubarb,spinach,almond s,canned salmon with bones for calcium... I've picked suitable ones with your carbs...

  4. Just as the other guys are suggesting, did you "replace" the macros and calories? Or did you just cut them out along with the milk?

    Why did you cut out the milk?

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