Are oats better than brown rice?

  1. Are oats better than brown rice?

    Oats are referred to a lot, and it gives the impression it is the whey of carbs.
    Whey(compared to other protein powders not whole foods) is believed to be the best source of protein cause it most resembles the protein found in breast milk and it contains growth factors and such.
    Although Whey being the best source is debatable but that's beside the point.

    I get most my carbs from brown rice and it is making me wonder am I missing out on something, do oats have any benefit over brown rice when it comes to the type of carbohydrate or are they pretty much the same?

  2. Eating different protein sources is vital for Growth because every different protein source has different biological value, different amino acids...

    But i don't think it's same for carbohydrates...What you guys think? There is some beneficial differences between oatmeal-brown rice-sweet potatoes of course but they all complex carbs. They do the same think to supply energy.

    Of course they have some little beneficial differences but I don't thing variety of carbs as important as protein variety.

    Lemme know if you think different guys...


  3. The glycemic index of carbs high in insoluble fiber (such as steel cut oats) is lower that that of brown rice or processed wheat. Soluble fiber is higer GI.

    Why do many high-fibre foods still have a high GI value?

    Dietary fibre is not one chemical constituent like fat and protein. It is composed of many different sorts of molecules and can be divided into soluble and insoluble types. Soluble fibre is often viscous (thick and jelly-like) in solution and remains viscous even in the small intestine. For this reason it makes it harder for enzymes to move around and digest the food. Foods with more soluble fibre, like apples, oats, and legumes, therefore have low GI values.

    Insoluble fibre, on the other hand, is not viscous and doesn’t slow digestion unless it’s acting like a fence to inhibit access by enzymes (eg. the bran around intact kernels). When insoluble fibre is finely milled, the enzymes have free reign, allowing rapid digestion. Wholemeal bread and white bread have similar GI values. Brown pasta and brown rice have similar values to their white counterparts.

    From Glycemic Index FAQs

  4. So steel cut oates FTW?

  5. Steel cut oats have a GI of 57, and a Glycemic Load (takes into account the amount eaten for a more accurate representation of the effect on insulin) of 14 for a 250g serving. Read the sticky on GI and you will find brown rice with a GI of 79 and white with 81. Google "glycemic index" and there is a database. The higher the GI the quicker the carbs are digested. Brown rice has a GL of about 27 for a 150g serving or almost twice the effect on insulin with a serving 60% the size.

  6. high GI, brown rice makes for a pretty good PWO carb source. oats are lower GI and feel great for pre-workout


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