Questions about Anabolic Diet -

Questions about Anabolic Diet

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    Questions about Anabolic Diet

    I've been on the Anabolic Diet for 10 days, attempting to make it through the initial 12 day period before the weekend carb up period. I don't know if it's the diet itself or if I'm not consuming enough calories, but I seem to be weaker. Weights that I was using two weeks ago seem heavier and I can't do as many reps as before. I'm getting the usual amount of rest; I'm a firefighter and paramedic that works two jobs, but it has never affected my strength. Has anyone else who has been successful with this diet experienced this and is it just part of the adjustment period or do I need to make changes.

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    It takes about 4 weeks to adapt to the Anabolic Diet. Expect stomach issues, moodiness, tiredness, … Don’t give up.
    I guess your body is still adjusting/adapting.

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