Critique my diet please

  1. Critique my diet please

    hey guys just wanted to know what yall think about my diet here.

    6- three egg whites w/little ham chopped up peppers and tomatos, three sausage links
    8- handfull of nuts non salted
    10- plain packet of tuna
    12- 8-10 oz chicken breast about 10 pieces raw brocoli
    4 plain packet of tuna
    6 -workout-
    after workout- post workout shake
    8- chicken breast some sort of green veg.

    ive been doing that monday thu saturday, and hittin some carbs on sunday which is my rest day. im tryin to start getting more into the keto diet, ive heard great things about it for cutting body fat. if you guys have any info or and way to make it better in all ears.

    stats are age-20 ht 5'10" 203

    my workout
    thurs- shoulders
    sat-cardio abs
    doin 3 sets of 3 heavy weight
    i know thats not ideal for cutting fat but im gunna change that up whats recommened 5x5 lower weight?

    thanks for the help

  2. You'll have to eat a lot more fat for Keto.
    Even with your current diet, a "handfull of nuts" is not enough healthy fats IMHO.

  3. ok, i thought keto was pretty much no fat no carbs? so what else can i do, pb stuff like that?

  4. Nope, Keto is a high fat, low carb diet.
    http :// en

    For extra fats get some Extra Virgine Olive Oil, Avocados, Fish Oil, Natural Peanut Butter, etc...

  5. great info thanks for the link. is there anything else i can get for good fats, im over in the dessert right now so my options are kinda limited. i can get plenty of peanut butter and they have some fish oil i can get.



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