Trying to cut down before i bulk. suggestions?

  1. Trying to cut down before i bulk. suggestions?

    Okay, so I have done some research and i really do not know a whole lot about cutting, but I am trying to cut before I bulk. I have 5 months to both cut and bulk before I go on my trip to cabo. Cutting before bulking Seems like a better path to me. Anyways, I have come up with possible supps and exercise program and diet. I am very very very new at this, so all critiques and suggestions will be taken in with great consideration. I would also like to keep my strength up with this cut if at all possible. Anyways, this is what I am thinking.

    Supps- CLA Ethyl Ester, 100% whey protein, Omega 3's, Multivitamin, and possibly albuteral (havent studied much on it, but heard good things if I was understanding right).


    8 egg whites
    1/2 cup oatmeal

    2 tbs peanut butter
    2 scoop whey in water

    8 oz lean chicken
    2 cups of steamed corn, no added sodium

    Can of tuna
    2 cups green beans

    pre workout meal
    1/2 cup oatmeal
    2 scoop whey protein in water

    post workout
    2 scoop whey in water

    8 oz lean chicken
    2 cups Broccoli

    (My diet program may need some help. Im 6'1 and weigh 205-208 right now. I was a powerlifter until about 4 months ago, so most of the weight is muscle, but i do have the love handles and the stomach fat that I would love to get rid of)

    Exercise program-
    I run 2 miles every morning for fire training at a above jog pace, so I basically do cardio everyday in the mornings.

    I was thinking about doing a 5X5 monday-bi/back tuesday-tri/chest wednesday- legs thursday- rest friday- start over again formatted training, but I didnt know if this would help cut as well as gain strength.... so basically I need alot of help on the training aspect. If you have a training program that has helped you cut in the past and you would like to share that would be greatly appreciated..

    Oh, and by the way, if theres anything i need to add diet or supp wise, money is not a huge factor, but I like to get a good deal for my buck. SO anyways, I would really appreciate some input because Im newly out of high school and all we did in high school was get yelled at by the coach and worked out everyday. ha So i know nothing and I am at the mercy to you fine scholars. THank you

  2. Personally, I wouldn't go with the corn for lunch, maybe some spinach instead.

    For preWO you could switch your oatmeal and whey with some BCAA.

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