Casein Foods Before Bed Good or Bad?

  1. Casein Foods Before Bed Good or Bad?

    Everybody talkin about cottage cheese before bed time...
    Cottage Cheese is a good source of casein (milk protein) and digest slowly...feeds your body for a long time...


    Growth hormone doesn't like to work with carbs... GH even doesn't like anythink but an empty stomach... But cottage cheese or milk or yogurt (all slow digesting protein sources) are high in carbs...
    EXAMPLE: ( )

    So what about eating red meat or fatty fish, or lean protein source plus good fats ? Do they digest as slow as those milk containing sources?

  2. I would sometimes have some natty PB w/ cottage cheese and other times I would take a casein shake in water.

    Beef is supposed to be a slow digesting protein as well, so I guess it would be alright.
    A whey protein shake with EVOO should work too, due to the fact that the fat is slowing down the digestion/absorbtion.

    I am just to lazy to cook something before going to bed.

  3. I think beef is the best pre-bed protein.

    Slow digestion
    Contains Zinc
    Contains Creatine
    Contains Potassium
    Contains Alanine
    Contains CLA
    Contains Carnitine
    Contains Zinc and Magnesium
    Contains b6-b12 vitamins

    Those ingredients are great before the bed. They will increase GH-IGF-1-Testosterone secretion.

    Maybe adding little bit of good fat like peanutbutter will be needed for slower digestion.

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