pain in shoulder

  1. pain in shoulder

    i get pain in my right shoulder when i go rly heavy on bench. this always happens when i go rly heavy. is this normal?

  2. depending on your grip, the wider you go on the bar the more strain on your shoulders...

    i get this sometimes as well, but I dislocated both my shoulders back in the day and that's where my pain comes from but don't think its normal to have pain in the shoulder if you never problems or pain previous to this...

  3. Try keep your shoulder blades tucked in tight, well they actually pop out but I hope you get the idea, that might help.

  4. ill try that. and i go wide on grip, but not like powerlifting wide ya know. like past shoulder width but not by a foot

  5. try what hectic said and also try to do shoulder width and not as wide..hopefully that will work for you...good luck!

  6. i lift heavier with wide grip so its gonna be a change!

  7. Swoldierboy

    I just came across you post while I was wasting time, but I'm have the same situation. Lemme ask you a few things about the pain:
    1) Is it limited to benching only, or does is hurt when you do behind the neck exercises (military presses, pull ups, lat pull down?)
    2) Do you get random pain throughout the day?
    3) what kind of pain (dull, achy, sharp)
    4) Does it hurt to throw a hail mary?

    I'm my case I ended up with two tears in my labrum which is an accessory muscle to the rotator cuff. If you have any indication that its a rotator cuff problem, them do yourself a favor and stop flat benching heavy (These injuries do not heal easy and can go form bad to worse very quickly). That was my mistake and now the only way for me to be 100% is surgery.


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