ditching post workout carbs

  1. ditching post workout carbs

    Read this article about why ditching post workout carbs may be beneficial to muscle building, not to mention losing a little fat!

    Bodybuilding.com - 3 Reasons For Ditching Post-Workout Carbs & Their Implications! - Mark McManus

    Anybody else heard of this or have any results to back this up from following a diet like it?

  2. Interesting. This is something I have been thinking about lately. Dr. Di Pasquale also suggests no carbs post w/o. He says if you were to take them in, the next morning would be the ideal time.

  3. i've been no PWO carbs for a long time. the only evidence that showed a plus to PWO carbs is when the workout is an early morning fasted workout. Outside of that, there is no evidence that it helped.

  4. Interesting. Subbed for further review.

  5. I think PWO carbs are one of those things where most people do it because "that's just what you do." Where as the more research I hear and see suggests that may not be the best idea.

    Dr. Pasquale says you want to maintain you insulin senstive state for as long as you can and PWO carbs close that window very fast.

    Having said all that, I still take WMS PWO. But I plan to change that up really soon.

  6. seems pretty non-conclusive.

    loved the ad for ids waxymaize at the bottom of the page when i went to it though.

  7. I rarely, if ever have post workout carbs. I'm Still losing fat, and building muscle.

  8. I feel replenished when I slam some PWO carbs I dont know about anyone else. Especially after long grappling or mma sessions the glycogen is so depleted its difficult to even walk to the bathroom. Ive taken a shake with carbs after training and after 10-15 minutes felt like I could train more. Even though this could be because of endorphine release and not the glycogen replacement. I guess further studies are needed?

  9. I remember reading a huge study double blind study and they noticed a much lower cortisol response from the carb supplementing group. I think they stressed that supplementing the carbs provided for a more anabolic state. I cant find that particular study but this one found higher rates of glycogen recompensation when whey is added to the PWO carbs:


    That doesnt mean too much to a bodybuilder but for athletes perhaps its best to avoid any risk of hypoglycemia or glycogen caused fatigue.

  10. sorry for flooding the thread, this just happens to be one of my favorite topics of discussion when it comes to working out. this is a collection of articles/essays, its definitely worth reading:


  11. Just eat what you feel like. I don't know about you guys but after workout I am starving. I usually just come home and cook a meal. Nothing like yams in brown sugar and butter!

  12. I workout in the morning right after heavy grappling sessions, so I should add some carbs to my post BJJ shake right?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by rambo679 View Post
    I workout in the morning right after heavy grappling sessions, so I should add some carbs to my post BJJ shake right?
    absolutely dude!! 60 grams will do the job, dextrose and maltodextrin are my favorite

  14. Sorry I meant to say i grapple at night and then work out in the morning, but I assume the carbs post BJJ still holds.


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