carb bloating question

  1. carb bloating question

    I recently read in another thread on here that every carb eaten holds 3 grams of water that gets drinken within an hour before or after the 'carb' meal. This being said I was always under the impression carbs are good pre and post workout. Before every workout I have a good sized bowl of oatmeal containing about 70g of carbs(about 10 from milk), then have a pre workout drink(mixed with water) then drink a whole powerade G2 during my workout, then drink a protein shake with water in the car. So I'm having a ton of water and liquid right after the huge carb intake, and I'll also have some quick digesting carbs immediately after getting home, or sometimes eat an apple on the way home. Since this is a regular routine and I do this everyday, is this significantly contributing to bloating? If so how should I change my diet around my workout?

  2. There's little doubt that if you cut down the carbs in general, you'd be less bloated, but are you really feeling like you're bloated beyond a normal point? It shouldn't really be a problem as the only real source of carbs I see is your pre-WO oatmeal and (small amounts of?) post-WO random carbs. (Gatorade?) G2 is supposed to be low-calorie, so I feel it shouldn't really contribute to your problem, but either way this would be the first thing I would remove, substituting it for pure, clean water during your workout.

    Exactly how bloated do you think you are?

  3. G2 is actually 0 calorie, I was just stating I drink it to show how much fluid I drink after eating the oatmeal. I'm not really sure if I'm bloated or my stomach just has a little more fat than I want on it. I'll try adjusting for a week and see if I notice any changes.

  4. Only worry about water retention pre-show (or if you arent a competitor then pre-whatever you want to look good for). If you can't see your abs it isnt cause of water retention, its fat.
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