Antibiotics and supplements

  1. Antibiotics and supplements


    Im on amoxicilin at the moment, but im two days in on my stack which is t-bol (natural test booster) xtend, ether, and creatine mono, upped water intake without a question but could the amox clash with or potentially soften the effects of any?

  2. About a year ago I was prescribed prednisone for a bronchitis and sinus issue. I asked about supp and diet interaction and was advised by a reputable source that there shouldn't be any foreseeable problems.

    I had no problems that I could tell.

    I suspect that you'll be just fine. Of course if symptoms come up, you'll know there's some sort of interaction. Pharmacists are a FREE and fast source of advice fwiw

  3. Certain supplements can absolutely effect that efficacy of prescribed drugs, but I don't know of any interactions that are likely to occur with the supplements that you are using.

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