Sheppard's Pie

  1. Sheppard's Pie

    Chowing down on the stuff right now. It consists of mashed potatoes, peas, meat (preferably lamb of beef), onion, mushrooms and Gravy. Seems to be pretty filling to me. I guess its healthy, maybe carb heavy but its still good. The fellow Irish members may be familiar with it. Anyone ever had the stuff?

  2. Yup! Good stuff! Sounds like a great bulking meal.

  3. Great stuff man, my old ma makes it with green beans. I've seen it made with corn as well, but I prefer the green beans. She throws a little cheese on top as well.

  4. Ive had a different version of it multiple times its really different to the extent of not much in it but Potatos, Beef, Corn but its surprisngly very tasty.
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