sudden fatigue AFTER PWO meal

  1. sudden fatigue AFTER PWO meal

    So I know a rapid spike in insulin in a meal will cause you to become sleepy/tired/fatigued. But I am actually experiencing it after my PWO meal. However obviously you have to stick with simple sugars to give that insulin spike PWO, or your negating your "anabolic window." It's just that does anyone have any ideas on how you can take advantage of that window while NOT suffering from the fatigue syndromes of an insulin spike?

    It's somewhat problematic for me as I work out in the morning, and then after my PWO meal I still have a full day of work all day in the afternoon.

  2. u dont need sugar to capitalize on the "anabolic window". but if sugars are ur thing then get some glycobol, ap, pslin, or even buy some yellow gold or bulk banaba from nutra. if u get the gbol take it 30 minutes before ur post wo shake so 30 minutes before ur done lifting so u can take it right after. and if u get bulk banaba u can just put it in ur post shake and i bet ull notice u dont crash. and it woould be a better idea to utilize fast and slow carbs to avoid the crash if u dont wanna buy any of the above products. put some ground up oats in there or something. and the study done that used dex/malto that everyone references in post workout nutrition isnt very valid. sure sugar does spike insulin and does replenish glycogen a bit faster but if ur not some type of triathlete then as long as u get enough carbs throughout the day ur gonna have the same amount of stored glycogen the next day regardless. u can even take advantage of the anabolic window using lots of leucine. but that will make u crash unless u eat some complex carbs after because it will spike ur insulin without sugar but since insulin will be released and there wont be any sugar to remove from ur blood ull prolly go hypo

  3. I take ananbolic pump before my PWO meal, and I wouldn't say I go overboard AT ALL with simple sugars. 1/2 cup oatmeal for complex carbs, and then one whole cut up banana and a tbsp of honey for the simple sugars. And I STILL crash.

    I guess maybe I'll have to try bumping up the complex carbs and cutting out more of the simple sugars. Maybe 3/4 cup oatmeal, 1tbps honey, and leave out the banana.

    That would basically keep the macronutrient ratios the same, but just replace the fructose with more complex carbs.

  4. maybe ur just really carb sensitive. i use all of the stuff i mentioned and for me one ap can handle 50-65 carbs at least. I like to use one ap and one gbol for my ppwo meal that has 75-80 carb. maybe u should try glycobol or banaba since ap has more berberine than banaba

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