honey post workout

  1. honey post workout

    Does any body else use honey post workout for your carb source? I am going to start using it and just seeing if people have used it and if they liked it.

  2. Considering it's primarily fructose, using it as your only pwo carb source is suboptimal. Takes too long to hit the blood stream and will primarily cause glycogen synthesis in the liver rather than in muscle, which is the exact opposite of how you want it.

    Some fructose is fine, it can help modulate blood sugar levels, and refueling the liver in the presence of carbs that can reach muscle can help speed overall glycogen synthesis. But just straight honey is not gonna do a whole lot for you.

    Read up on fructose, it has a very controversial reputation.
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  3. I use it on whole wheat bread pre w/o meal. Have not tried it post though.
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