Low carb on non-training days myth

  1. Question Low carb on non-training days myth

    Dedicated to carb cycling for clean bulk or cutting phaze...;

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Aceto
    Glycogen powers your training efforts. When you hit the gym, you largely burn the carbs that you ate yesterday and the day before. You don't necessarily burn the carbs that you ate just before the workout or even earlier that day. That's because weight training relies on muscle glycogen (stored carbs) as the primary source of energy. If you follow a high-carb diet and have adequate glycogen stores, you should be able to train harder and longer than when you follow a lower-carb diet
    Thats what i experienced. I totally agree with that.

    So why most of you guys having your low carb days on non-training days?

  2. i carb up on non training days, isnt that how youre suppose to do it?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    i carb up on non training days, isnt that how youre suppose to do it?

  4. nice. of course when you are cutting body fat you have to cut back some..that is why strength/ gym performance goes down.
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