Bulking Diet Evaluation

  1. Arrow Bulking Diet Evaluation

    7:30am- 1 scoop Nitro Core 24 + a banana or half cup watermelon or cantelope.
    8:40am 10oz 92% ground beef or 93% ground turkey or 9 eggwhite with 1 whole egg + Half cup brocolli.
    11:50am-2 scoop of nitro core + 1 cup of oats
    2:55pm- 10oz 92% ground beef or 93% ground turkey + 2 slices of whole grain wheat .
    4:30pm-No shotgun
    6pm-whey isolate protein(40g)(gonna buy one over the weekend)+1 or 2 banana
    7:15pm-brown rice+14oz 92% ground beef or 93% ground turkey
    9:45pm-12oz 92% ground beef or 93% ground turkey+ Half cup brocolli
    12:30-1 and half scoop of nitro core + 1 or 2 tbps peanut butter.

    Feeling too lazy to calculate all the cals intake right nowbut will update it again over the weekend.

    On days I don't have workout the pwo drink will will be substituted with a meal similar to the one on the list and on days I don't have college, the meal replacement will also be substituted with a meal (unless I feel too full).


  2. Anybody?

  3. More real foods, less supplements. Why take the yolk out of your eggs? Mother nature has it conveniently attached for a reason.

  4. ur not eating enough fat....get 30% of total cals from fat to increase test naturally

  5. yea this is a ton of food but not enough fats. whole eggs give you some fat, as well as fish oil, olive oil, nuts, avocados, etc. definitely eat whole eggs, someone said in another thread that 1 egg has 0.5g of leucine.

  6. i think you should also switch it up a little. steak has great fats and is very T stimulating, grilled chicken is a good option, salmon has the most omega 3 and very quality proteins. if salmon is too expensive then tilapia is good for a bulk cycle.

  7. Doesn't look like nearly enough complex carbs for bulking at 201 pounds. Shoot for at least 380 grams a day.


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