Help with cleaner carbs.

  1. Help with cleaner carbs.

    This is particularly for carbs. I have a really hard time eating healthy carbs. I honestly can't eat the whole wheat pasta, and have a hard time deciding what I am going to eat for my carbs during the day. This causes me to just eat the unhealthy carbs and put on some bodyfat, which I obviously dont want.

    My question is this: Are there healthy cereals out there that are much more healthy for you than white pasta/bread etc etc. I tried outmeal, and its bareable, but I cant eat it everyday. I ask about cereal because I can eat it throughout the day and not really get sick of it.

    I know its important to buckle down with a healthy diet, but I want something I can eat, and somewhat enjoy, so I wont stop the diet and turn back to terrible foods and destroy all the progress I've already made.

    Thank in advance.
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  2. fruit veggies brown rice kidney beans.. you dont have to eat 700 calorie servings of oats having 100 calories of fruit or veggies in every meal really cuts down how much oats youll have to eat. for me a 2/3 cup serving of dry oats mixed with a bit of water tastes fine. more than that and i get sick of it and its a chore to eat.

  3. look into Ezekial brand cereal or Kashi.

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