Going to the Shopright!

  1. Going to the Shopright!

    I am heading to the shopright and am going on THE ONE for the next 4-5 weeks I am looking to gain abotu 10-15lbs and loss about 2%BF. I am 5'9" at [email protected] Really if i get done this run and end up at [email protected]%BF i would be very happy as then maye i would have abs. Anyway This is my plna of getting stuff so far.

    buffalo burgers 9g fat 0 carb 22g protein
    chicken breasts
    natty PB
    brown rice
    green veggies

    How does shrimp do? is it good for us? any thing that will really help me out?

  2. also i am going to drink about a half gallon of milk a day to get about 1000 calories in of good fat good protein. So i deffentaliy gain some mass

  3. pasta, lean beef/steak
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  4. shrimp is good, id go with salmon and tuna though.. easier to cook and they have omega3s. I dont see any eggs here, start eating 5-8 eggs a day. Also oatmeal, one of the best slow burning carbs.
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