Dairy question

  1. Dairy question

    I picked up the Xtreme Muscle Stack from PP and I am starting to diet to prepare for this. I am a consultant so I am always out of the office in the field at different clients. I carry a cute lunch bag with me haha. My question is about a couple dairy products, I throw a lite string cheese stick and lowfat vanilla yogurt in my lunch as a snack I munch on throughout the day, is this a bad idea? I had mentioned this to a nutritionist at the gym and she said "oooo dairy products huh?" She said it isn't that bad, but I am curious on other's opinions.

  2. ehh its like middle of the road, its not terrible for you, but not the most ideal option either IMO

  3. fat free organic milk, ricotta, cottage cheese are acceptable dairy products that provide good fats.

    i would look on that string cheeze package and see how processed that stuff is, could be really nasty stuff.

    and truth is that your yogurt is probably jam packed with sugar or artificial sweetener. which is why it taste badass (even the lowfat versions) compared to plain yogurt!

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