Got my TESTOSTERONE levels checked!!! LOOK

  1. Got my TESTOSTERONE levels checked!!! LOOK


    Testosterone: 625
    SHBC: 31
    Testosterone Free: 126
    Testosterone % free: 2.0



    I am a 21 year old male. I dont know how bad/good they are...

  2. are those results wihtout any test boosters/pro-hormones? ie. totally natural? i'm guessing those are some pretty typical for someone your age who is not using any supplements...

  3. Yes they are all natural!

  4. The important question is how do you feel? Is there any reason you're concerned about your T levels? Some guys have better genetics and higher T levels, but your Free-T is mid-range and if you're feeling fine there's nothing wrong.

  5. look AVG.

  6. Whats more important? Free test, or Total test....

  7. Free Test if i'm not mistaken

  8. how much did it cost for you to have this checked out?

  9. Total test is just that, total test. How much is not bound up by shbg is the free test.
    Depending on what your long term goals are, free is what you are looking towards.

  10. Testosterone by itself (free or total) is not a sufficient indicator of health, especially if your within the normal range. There are many things to consider mainly, like Stevo said, how do you feel? You havent taken any exogenous test and your within the normal range so no cause for concern from these results.


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