Low testosterone?

  1. Low testosterone?

    5'-6" 176lbs
    43 yrs
    Never had AAS, only OC supplements

    My blood test:
    Testosterone, Total: 150
    Testosterone, Free: 36.4
    Low test?

    I had my testosterone tested by my my normal family doctor. I called and discussed the results with the nurse at the doctors office, and she told me that testosterone levels are normal. I had to ask her to provide the actual numbers. She did eventually after a long hold.
    Testosterone, Total: 150
    Testosterone, Free: 36.4
    I told the nurse that I thought this was low from what I studied on the internet. I stated 200 is the lowest that I thought was OK.
    She put me on hold and conferred with the doctor and again told me that my free level is what mattered and it was fine. I told the nurse that I told the nurse that I thought 36.4 was low from what I studied on the internet.
    I was on test improvement supplements, and if my test was this low on test improvement supplements, I would hate to see what it would be without the supplements, and I think I still have a low testosterone problem. The nurse disagreed with me and stated I was fine and had nothing to worry about. I then asked for a referral to see another doctor, preferably a doctor who specializes in sports. The nurse told me to pick up a referral on Thursday, but not sure of who she will refer me to.

    I am not a doctor. Was I out of line?
    Any suggestions?
    Any suggested local docs? I live in South Holland, IL which is a south suburb of the Chicago area.

    Thank you for your assistance.
    Greg Alcorn

  2. post this in the "Male Anti-Aging Medicine" section, you'll get tons more replies i'd say! I'd agree on the lower than 200 seeming low, from what i've read
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