Thoughts on evaporated cane juice?

  1. Question Thoughts on evaporated cane juice?

    From what I have read about it is a 'better' alternative than eating refined sugar because it contains more of the natural nutrients that refined sugar does not. I bring this up because I am sure most of you have seen this ingredient on Kashi's cereal boxes or maybe you even buy it as an alternative to refined sugar. I know that it probably wont do much damage to a diet if you eat it every once and a while and I'm guessing that it would be beneficial to stay away from it completely? but I really love my cereal! What are your thoughts/opinions on cane juice and maintaining a fat loss diet?

  2. anyone?

  3. don't sweat the little details like that just focus on calories in/out

  4. moderation is key with everything. a little cane juice isnt gonna hurt a diet

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