Does Accutane affect muscle growth?

  1. Does Accutane affect muscle growth?

    I am probably getting accutane soon and does accutane aid or decrease muscle growth?

  2. It should have no effect either way.
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  3. Who cares if it impairs muscle growth? Especially if it can eliminate all possibility of developing an unfortunate acne pattern.

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  4. being skinny with no acne > having muscles with acne.

    just imagine a girl kissing you on the cheek and that cheek is full of pimples.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by soontobbeast View Post
    just imagine a girl kissing you on the cheek and that cheek is full of pimples.
    Okay, I just imagined it... and now I can't stop laughing because in my head, the chick got zit juice all in her mouth.

  6. brother was on this, dehydrated him from the inside out. nose bleeds, constantly chapped lips (real bad) bloodshot eyes. painful to watch, and IIRC he had to get blood drawn to check liver values or maybe kidneys or something. but the outcome was definetly worth it. strong stuff.

    he didnt seem to have any problems, just drink a LOTTTTTT of water.

    ive also heard theories how it can have permanent effects on behavior?

  7. i took accutane for like 3 months when i was a teen and i didnt even have bad acne . i just didnt like having any acne at all. it seemed ridiculous to me to have some bumps ( wtf?) on my face. i did get major chapped lips like you wouldnt believe ( carmex helped alot though ) . i had to go get bloodwork done every month just to check out toxicity stuff ( from the high potency vitamin A )but it always came back clean.

    definitely worth it. in fact, i wish i would have taken it earlier. you get chapped lips for 3 months and never ever have to worry about 'breaking out' again while everybody else washes their face twice a day, rubs creams and astringents and exfoliants and oxy whatever and sh*t on their face every day for years and years lol.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  8. so its a permanent solution?

  9. yea its supposed to basically shut off the oil producing sebaceous glands, even though there is a chance it comes back when you are an adult but rarely happens. you might not have the same energy to workout, so that could affect your progress ya diggg

  10. My brother took this, chapped lips like crazy, went away for him..but came back and he had to do a second run, still comes back here an there(i dont think this will happen with many people) but nothing natures cure wont fix..that stuff is amazing IMO


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