I do not supplement with synthetic testosterone, though I am in my upper teens and after getting into lifting and eating again, my focus is considerably nulled, especially after a workout. I see other guys on here with similar complaints, like anxiety, inability to focus, etc. resulting from their testosterone. Is this an essential byproduct of T? All I really want to do is lift, eat, and ****. When I am not eating lots and working out my concentration (especially after a workout) is perfect.

Can anyone scientifically explain what my neurotransmitters are doing after a workout and while lifting a lot and eating that would abruptly effect my concentration? I am in college and this really is not convenient. I don't want to drop lifting, but when I am lifting/eating lots I feel like an animal.

Is this something one can get used to? I can gain 10 lbs of muscle mass in 10 days (some muscle memory of course).

I suppose focus with more T just requires more understanding/discipline.