Metabolic Typing

  1. Metabolic Typing

    I've hard that Metabolic Typing is great. Any information about this? Also, who here is doing it?

  2. what is it?

  3. Search for it on Youtube.

    It means that you'll eat what your body likes. Your body loves some food and it hates others. For example, I feel a lot better after eating broccoli and oatmeal than other foods even though they're healthy too. Even if a food type is healthy it's not necessarily healthy for everyone

  4. jillian michaels from biggest loser talks about it on her website..


  5. is this kinda along the same lines as Eat Right for Your Blood Type by D'adamo

  6. i read up a little on the blood type diet,

    its ****in wack.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by crazyfool405 View Post
    i read up a little on the blood type diet,

    its ****in wack.
    yea it is.

  8. Anymore thoughts about this?

  9. post sources.

  10. Re; metabolic typing, look up Paul Chek, he has a lot of interesting things to say about it and takes a holistic approach to living in general

    YouTube - Paul Chek on Digestion: Metabolic Typing

  11. Crap, I thought this thread was gonna help me to type faster.


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