Getting back into training, Diet Plan?

  1. Getting back into training, Diet Plan?

    I eat as much as possible, as much protein as i think i can actually digest, and work out - whether it be cardio or weights - every day. I want to ensure that I am eating the rights things though because I am not necessarily on a bulking cycle. I'm trying to get back into very good condition before i hit it hard on a bulking cycle. So aside from an eat anything in front of you diet, what kind of diet would be the best to look into? Thanks for input, stakd.

  2. post your diet and it's easier for people to make recommendations based on it rather than give you something from scratch. also use the search feature in the meantime

  3. I did but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, plus I'm trying to get a couple posts under my belt to where i can atleast post links in my threads.. but I do need to post my diet. I'll post it ASAP, in a hurry now. stakd

  4. Alright man we'll be waiting for it then we can help.

  5. My bad, my bad. The thing is, I don't really have too much of a diet. I've trained and used supplements and they've worked and helped to some extent, but now i'm just trying to get good nutrition involved in the mix to amplify any gains that otherwise wouldn't show up. I consume 2 grams of protein/lb. of body fat per day. I try to consume atleast 3-4000 cals/day and I'm still trying to get everthing else in order.. Still trying to learn about the differences in carbs and what not. I feel nieve, as nutrition has never been too much of a concern since I have been lean my whole life, but I would like to get it on track. stakd

  6. If you don't have a set diet I would suggest you try to get on one. By that I mean just try to be consistent by eating every two hours or so. It sounds like you have your protein intake where it needs to be. As for carbs just be sure your getting in more than your body weight and taper them down as the day goes on. But be sure you get plenty in after your workouts. The best source of carbs imo is fruits and whole grains.

    Also try to keep your protein sources from solid foods, not liquids. Solid foods are better protein sources than liquids imo.
    Just be sure your getting enough food in daily and you will see some results with time. I hope this bit of info has been some sort of help.

  7. Yeah it absolutely helped. But for carbs, fruit juices and whole grains but taper them down throughout the day.. So high in the morning slowly lower throughout the day until ive consumed over my body weight, but high right after workouts? I've been supplementing my diet with protein shakes and weight gainer (for any extra cals i need), but I think it's time I put a stop to relying on those and start relying on nature. stakd

  8. Another good source of carbs would be fruits. I would suggest using some fruit as another source for carbs. And yes, it's always a good idea to get some carbs back in after a workout.


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