Need Help On A Diet

  1. Need Help On A Diet

    First off great site very helpful and full of good information. Here we go, I need help coming up with a diet plan. I am wanting to take my diet very serious this year. I am a junior in college 20 years old 5'8" 124lbs very low bf% I've always been small but I have been lifting since I was a freshman in high school, a total of 6 years lifting 2 years serious. I am looking to put on some serious weight and I think if I could get a good diet set up for me it would help me out to all ends and help keep me on track. I am wanting to put on as much weight as possible, fat doesnt really matter because I can shed it with no problem (not trying to sound egoistic). Here comes some of the problems for each day

    Monday Wednesday Fridays - Class 9:00-9:50AM 10-10:50AM 11-11:50AM Lift usually at 2:00 PM
    Tuesdays class 9:30-10:20AM 12:10-2:00PM 2:10-3:00PM lift 7:45 AM
    Thursdays 9:30-10:20AM 2:10-3:00PM lift 7:45 AM

    I am really wanting to put on some serious weight. Also bear in mind I am a college student so I dont have just a ton of cash laying around to spend on expenisive organic food which I wont eat anyways since I've grown up on a farm my whole life, I have access to ground beef steak bacon pork patties whole chicken at will. I lift 5 days a week because that is what works best for me as far as my muscles feeling. I dont usually do more then 10 mins of cardio and thats before I lift to help warm up. So can SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! haha thanks in advance
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  2. If you have access to all that meat, then this will be easy. Do you have a way to prepare it and store it at college? if so no problem. First off what is your typical diet like now? That will help us as well.

    I suggest since you are pretty light at 124lbs right now, shoot for about 200 grams of protein/day. 200-300 grams of carbs/day. And 50-80g of fat per day. At 200P, 200C, and 80F, that comes out to be 2320 cals. You might start a little lower at 2000 cals/day. Then after a couple weeks, if your weight hasnt gone up much, probably no more than 2lbs/week, then up it 200-300 cals/day. Divide it into 6-7 meals/day. Try to divide the macros pretty evenly throughout the day, except leave some fat out of post workout meal or shake. For carbs, oats, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes are fairly cheap. Fruits also. Eggs are fairly cheap too, can you get them from the chickens before you grill them up? It's really no need to go crazy with bulking and become a fatso in the process. Yes you should gain a bit, but keep it under control. If you are gaining more than 3-4lbs/week, you should probably cut back a few cals IMO. Take these basics and write up a meal plan using the meats you have access to and carbs that fit your budget. Your time schedule isn't that bad to work with either. post it up and let us see what you come up with.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by nlegler View Post
    I've grown up on a farm my whole life, I have access to ground beef steak bacon pork patties whole chicken at will.

    damn im jealous ha

  4. cut out any cardio/aerobic exercise, you need to keep all your calories right now. start eating massive breakfast; bunch of eggs + oatmeal. Eat a bunch at night an hour or so before going to sleep. Cook up whole wheat pasta for the week and eat it everyday. Ill add more later...

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