Taking prohormones while on the Anabolic Diet?

  1. Taking prohormones while on the Anabolic Diet?

    I can't find too much information on this.

    I am on the AD and like it thus far, about 1 month in. Ive been wanting to do a PH cycle soon but now dont know if I should switch back to a normal highcarb/protein diet to maximize my gains.

    Would you advise against running PH's while on the AD?

    I'm planning on stacking Tren and Superdrol specifically..

    I've done both by themselves..

  2. hey bro,

    i've never done prohormones before, but I always hear the same pitfalls. people take PH or steroids and don't eat enough protein/carbs/ or calories overall. they don't train hard, etc.

    I'm not sure if you are taking these prohormones to "maintain" muscle during a cut, or are you trying to put on say 10lbs in a month or two's time?

    If the latter, then I'd say the anabolic diet is not going to maximize what you can do wtih your hormones at levels normally unattainable. Even dave palumbo who is a proponent of a low low carb lifestyle believes to bulk properly you need carbs.

    I would set the baseline at 2g carbs per lb of bodyweight, but since you look incredibly lean in your avatar, I'd consider even more since most of your bodyweight is muscle, not fat. carbs are incredibly anabolic and with the high insulin, high glycogen, and high testosterone, you are really in for a treat

  3. I think you are probably right. However it seems like all the true advocates of the high fat / high protein diet argue that you can easily grow as well off of fat as you can off carbs..

    I guess I will save my goods for a true winter bulk once i start carbing up again..

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