Anabolic Diet Question

  1. Anabolic Diet Question

    So I have been attempting the anabolic diet since last Monday. 9 days total. I had no problem with the no carbs for the first 5 days. 6th day, I started getting nasty headaches. They were much worse after the gym. Finally on Sunday, day7 I had such a migraine that I could not open my eyes. I figured it was from lack of carbs and I broke down and ate a bowl of rice. It immediately got rid of my migraine. Same thing happened last night, bad migraine. I took a scoop of dextrose in PWO shake and I felt like a million bucks. Has anyone else had similar issues? If I did do a small amount of carbs before or after my workout, would it be considered CKD or TKD? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. that would technically be a TKD type style..

    the headaches will fade as your body gets used to its new fuel source... me personally i dont get headaches anymore. maybe a little the night after carb up

  3. my first 12 days were pretty painless aside from feeling tired and having the ****s.

  4. Any one else? I have been pretty smooth sailing after that initial 2 weeks.

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