wrist injury advice?

  1. wrist injury advice?

    Not sure if this is the right place or not but here goes. I think i have some sort of tendon injury on the ulnar side of my left wrist. pain was really bad one morning simple things like writing and opening my car door hurt so i took 7 days off. now i only get maybe 12 - 24 hours of pain after shoulders and arms day. what do you guys recommend? i would go to the doc but no health insurance so i was thinking taking 14 days off and just doing cardio, legs, abs.

  2. it could be anything man. my boy is an athletic trainer so I always ask him about my injuries. maybe try to wrap it tightly with a boxing wrist wrap, that would help if you are still trying to lift. other than that tendons usually heal by themselves unles you really detached it from muscle/bone. but definitely don't push through pain because you might f*ck your wrist up for a long time.

  3. yeah, i dont think it is anything extreme, because you can still move your wrist and do daily function right?...just hurts?

    i would say yeah, wrap it with wrist wrap and just take it easy on it...no need to go to doc esp in your current situation....hope that helps

  4. I've had a bad wrist prob that started early in the year which has finally subsided. It's almost back to 100%. I was so desperate in healing it I bought a carpel tunnel course from Matt Furey, it's overpriced but DID help ALOT. It's $100 bucks and if I were you I'd look into it.

    Do what doesn't hurt you.
    Ice, ice and more ice.
    Work on stretching the wrist/forearms. Hold them for 30 secs. to a min. Work all directions.
    Use a wrap, don't let the wrap become your wrist though. ONLY if you really need it.

    Also I have a good buddy whose a Chiro which helped alot as well.
    Good luck with it.

  5. Without knowing anything else, I would recommend rest. Just keep in mind that injuries like these often take a while to heal, especially when you continue heavy training, so be patient and do your best to allow it to heal prior to placing stress on it with heavy lifting.

  6. i would also advice rest. focus on some extra leg work, calves, abs and cardio untill the pain is gone. then, a sterdy wrap, good warm up, and testing it with some light weights would be your best plan of action. once it's 100%, work on strengthening it with some wrist curls- reg. and rev., and keep stretching it to maintain the flexibilty..


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