Newbie -My current diet - Is it OK for my goals ??

  1. Newbie -My current diet - Is it OK for my goals ??

    Afternoon all,
    First post on here - Just signed up today.
    Looks great forum and I have enjoyed my first search through the pages.

    Thought to start I would get some advice on my diet.

    Bit of general info first:
    Stats = 31yr old / 5ft7 / 180Pounds
    Aim = Maintain/Increase lean muscle mass / drop body fat steadily

    Current Diet:
    On waking up (7am) = Protein Shake / ECA Tablet / STOKED TEST Booster
    Once at work (10am) = Banana or Yogurt with Oats
    Lunch (12noon) = Wholemeal sandwich & salad or
    Pasta or
    Chicken Pieces or
    Tuna & Rice
    Mid Afternn (2.30pm) = Protein Shake

    Workout Days [Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday] I have Pre/WO supp.
    Currently = ALRI Primedx2Tabs
    & Further protein shake immediately after workout.

    Tea (between 8pm&10pm) = Chicken & Rice ... Pasta Meal ie: SpagBol
    Steak & Veg .... CousCous & Veg .... Thai
    or Chinse Style meal

    Unfortunely I like to have a beer as well so although my general 'liquid' intake is good - WATER / Low Sugar Juice ... I do enjoy a pint as well - approx 10 pints per week (Mainly over weekend)

    If anyone can offer any critism or additional pointers then it would be much appricated.

    Cheers John

    HAPPY LIFTING - And remember - Go hard or Go Home ;-)

  2. Looks pretty straightforward , just make sure to achieve the goals you want your watching what types of pasta you eat and yogurt and your amounts and regularity. Im sure you know that already.

    Also what do you eat after 230? you dont have a dinner meal there posted.

    A great resource is the recipe forum here on this board. You can plan out some stuff and make it ahead of time for b-fast/lunch/dinner and in most cases on the recipes found there you can get a general idea of carb count and protein amount.

  3. Thanks for the reply/feedback.

    In answer to your question about meal after 2.30pm protein shake - NOTHING!

    I use a pre/workout supplement that requires taking on an empty stomach so my meals are pretty much as I listed.

    7am > 10am > 12noon > 2.30pm > Preworkout Supps @ 5clock > TRAINING > Postworkout Shake > Evening meal.

    This seems to do me pretty well as I seem to be able to train much harder on an empty stomach ... I have tried eating a nice high/slow release carb (ie: Sweet patato) approx 1hour before working out and it just feels me feeling bloated and unable to enjoy the training session.

    Thanks for the pointer to the recipes - I will definitely have a look.
  4. Davidlee
    Davidlee's Avatar

    Calorie intake looks low. Make sure your hitting at least 3 - 5 hundred calories over your BMR.

  5. looks pretty good, i agree on maybe a little low in terms of overall calories. one concern is, you have your pre-workout supps/shake at 2:30, then train at 5pm, then, depending on how long you train, don't eat again till your post workout shake, maybe around 6:30. that's a good 4 hours or so with no protein intake. i would try n squeeze a chicken breast or can of tuna somewhere in there. also, the addition of a bcaa drink intra workout, and to be sipped on through out the day could help alot..



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