Weight Gain For Women

  1. Weight Gain For Women

    In a lil bit of a situation. My girlfriend has a condition but she has weight gaining issues to help the treatments along. I know of weight gain and what not for men and the supplements but as far as treating for women I am lost.

    The doctor Recommended Ensure plus but I was seeing if there was another weight gainer for woman on health basis. she is 88 lbs right now and I would like to get her upwards in the 100's . But I will try to keep her floating round 3000 calorie or more.. but she not a heavy eater so trying to supplement by drinks,shakes and or weight gainer. Just need a lil push in right direction!

    In the mean time im going to look through forums on recipes, shakes and foods of what i can do. Hopefully I can get something rockn here shortly.. thanx for ur help in advance

  2. Sounds to me like you're heading in the right direction - increasing her calories is definitely necessary for weight gain. However, deriving those calories from whole foods would be superior for her health than if she got them from a supplement.

    Calorie dense foods such as bagels, pasta, peanut butter, oils, beef, nuts, and anything else with a high healthy fat content will help her on her way to a normal weight.

    If liquid calories are desired as well, go with whole milk and add some peanut butter, protein powder and berries of choice and blend.

  3. Good deal thanx.. yea im working her up a grocery list as we speak and seeing what i can manage for her..=) she loves pasta so that might help a lil bit.

    Now Ensures i know they are good but expensive. is there another healthy in between meals other than ensure or thats what I have to get..=P

    Im not knocking the buck cause you can't put a price on health bottom line.. I was just really checking is there something equal or better that I can buy in bulk? ensure they only sell in maybe a case.. im checking ebay if im allowed to post that. but any knoweldge would be greatly appreciateed

  4. I used to be unable to gain weight and bagels with cream cheese and milkshakes were the two things I had to have daily.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    I used to be unable to gain weight and bagels with cream cheese and milkshakes were the two things I had to have daily.
    Yup, the bagel and milkshake diet is fairly common. A friend's mother used it some time back and it really helped a lot - she's still tiny, but at a healthy weight for her height/carriage. She's like a second mom to me.

    Anyways, Pizzathehut: if you don't want to buy Ensure, pick your girl up a good multivitamin or superfood powder (I like one called "Berries and Greens" but there are many good ones out there) and just have her drink lots of whole milk or, like Crader says, milkshakes. That's basically all that ensure is - milk with added minerals and vitamins.

    If you can afford it, Raw Whole Milk would be even better, but it's expensive and hard to come by. Regular Whole Milk will help with weight gain just as well, it just doesn't contain the beneficial probiotics.

  6. Thank You, Now I can get me some stuff to take care of her.. thank you for ur help


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