Carb-up on ketosis & High GI foods

  1. Carb-up on ketosis & High GI foods

    Hi guys, sorry for yet another question

    I want to know what foods you guys eat on your carb up period on your keto diets? I understand high GI foods are best at the start... but unfortunatley I type "High GI foods" into google and not much comes up... infact I get a lot of websites talking about low-gi, why low-gi is me lists of those foods... so I know what not to eat... but I am wondering whats the most effective high-gi foods that I could eat on my carb up days?

    I am thinking 8-10g of carbs per lean mass (kg) of bodyweight for a 24hour period right after my last workout of the week, with also some carbs (maybe a banana or two) about an hour or so before that workout to assist with it...

    I am wondering what would be most effective to eat... I think I read once fruits are good at the start (something to do with the liver stores... forgot the technicalities)... but got no clue what else to eat thats relatively clean aside from low-gi foods?

    regular non-brown pasta/rice and regular potatos? I was under the impression they're high GI as opposted to their low-gi brown counter parts or sweet potatos... but also am not sure what the general concensus is on starchy carbs

  2. The Refeed/carb up MEGA thread..

    That's a good thread that should answer a lot of your questions.

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