Measuring Servings of Veges

  1. Measuring Servings of Veges

    When you measure out one cup of veges, e.g. a cup of spinach, should we measure it dry or wet? Dry tends to leave more air in the cup than when the veges are wet.

  2. come on do u really have to ask this?? dry is perfered, if there a little wet thats no big deal... they are veggies!!

    dumb question no offense lol

  3. I should have asked about cooked veges. You can definitely fit more cooked veges into a cup.

  4. u should be going by weight either way 3 oz = 1 cup = 1 serving of veggies. using a cup to measure them is not really that relyable and hard to be exact.

  5. Ok, thanks for that.

  6. Does it really matter? Can you eat too many veggies? I vote NO!

    I eat my huge serving of lean meat, and fill in the rest of the room with non-sweet many as I can hold. (lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, green peppers, celery, etc.)

  7. they sell these things called scales


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