More Q's about Keto diet...

  1. More Q's about Keto diet...

    Thought I'd start a new thread but I have just a few more questions left that are confusing me about this diet... ie how should I do this or if I should do it at all?


    Avocados... are they acceptable food to eat on the keto diet?
    here is their nutritional breakdown: - Food Data. Nutrition information about your favourite food. fat, fibre, protein and more

    Good amount of fat... and also quite carby... however, a large chunk of those carbs are fibre... ie per that 1cup 150g serving, you get 12.8carbs but 10.1 of them are fibre... so essentially 12.8-10.1 = 2.7 are only counted towards your daily carb total (trying to keep it ~30g/day) ...did I do that right? -- I am asking because I read recently in a t-nation article regarding keto that avocados can kick you out of keto? So I am confused...

    Second Q...

    I am still confused regarding pre and post carbs. Are they needed? How beneficial are they? If so... how much should I get pre and post... (any suggestions on what food also is good for a carb source pre/post while on keto?)... and also... does this count towards my daily total of carbs? If not... why not...? I have read people talking about pre/post carbs on keto... but does it not run the risk of kicking you out of keto? ..?

    Creatine I understand is fine... not as effective without carbs but still good to take... but what about BCAAs? Any issues with them? I would be considering taking them pre/post my 20-30min cardio sessions... or 2hours after my last carb meal on my carb-up day as my BCAA's are 50% leucine which helps knock you into keto faster due to its effects on insulin

    Hope someone can clear this up for me... thanks

  2. you should not be having carbs pre nor post on a keto diet ( TKD excluded, but really isnt a keto diet since you dont go into ketosis while on it )

    your body cant go into ketosis if you have enough carbs for energy. thats why your body goes into ketosis to begin with - to use FFAs for energy, instead of carbs.

    eat fats and protein after your workouts ( olive oil mixed in my protein shake is what i do).
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  3. I typically eat about 30 carbs per day. I get a ton of broccoli and usually several ounces of almonds a day. I allow pretty much whatever as long as it's not just sugar and it fits in my 30 g for the day. I know, I know, it's not hard core militant keto, but 30 carbs shouldn't keep you out of keto. if it does keep it to 20 and account for the avacado or whatever you eat. Just make sure it fits your totals.

    And I typically don't have much fat post workout. I just have the protein, sludge style usually, and save the fat for the next whole meal afterward. That way the protein gets sucked up quickly than it would if you had a lot of fat with it. Just my .02

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