A gallon a day??

  1. A gallon a day??

    I know most of the older bodybuilders (a maybe newer ones, I dont know) swear by the gallon of milk a day creed. Even Jim Welder (sp?) I was wondering if the same was to be said of soy milk? Anyone have any idea??

  2. Not the same at all. Read up on soy - a gallon of that stuff a day is going to have some noticeable negative effects on you hormonally.

    Keep soy intake to a minimum - you don't have to avoid it entirely, but it certainly shouldn't be a mainstay if you want to keep your test levels.
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  3. Thanks, yeah I thought about it right after I posted. I just hate it. Soy milk is soo damn good and loaded iwth protein.

  4. why would you possibly buy a gallon of soy milk a day.

    its so much more expensive to consume a gallon a day that way.

    then again, i guess, if money isnt an option ( if you're buying silk ), buy almond milk. it has less carbs than regular milk and tastes better.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

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